Aoyama Gakuin Yokohama Eiwa

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School Education

“Study Day”

To enhance students’ academic ability and as a supplement to promote the habit of learning, we have established a “Study Day” on Monday and Tuesday. A also, we are holding extra lessons in supplementary lectures. There is a wide variety of choices. You can choose not only English but also mathematics, or you can strengthen techniques, such as physical education and art. From January through February, we explain the “Achievement Test for Universities” according to the subjects for 10th and 11th grades. You can also take advantage of the study day for self-studying, which helps students study effectively.

Extra Lessons / Supplementary Lectures

We provide mandatory extra lessons for 4 days during summer vacation and throughout 3 months. The extra lessons compensate for any shortages in the classes. In supplementary lectures, we provide more than 80 courses. And we are also promoting challenging content for motivated students. More than 2000 students are taking these classes now. We offer them not only during summer vacation, but also during long vacations, early morning sessions, and after school. Also, on Tuesday and Wednesday after school, we are providing reinforcement of class content in mandatory extra lessons, which are to enhance student’s academic ability, and provide the option to request supplementary lectures.

Saturday Seminars

“Saturday Seminars” not only develop students’ studying abilities, but also strengthen and reinforce material. Each class is 70 minutes. Also, the class is open to anyone who wants to take it and we offer them about 20 times a year, every Saturday morning. 7th grade through 10th grade can take English and mathematics lessons, and 11th grade and 12th grade can take a preparation class for the national achievement test for universities. Students can find and overcome their weaknesses in regards to studying.

Christian Education

Use the blessings which we were given by God to raise up people that live with a mission Acquire the strength to live through basic learning; Think from a broad global perspective, and acquire the strength to act; Cultivate of twenty-first century version leadership and followership

The day at Aoyama Gakuin Yokohama Eiwa high school begins with a quiet service. There is time in the morning for students to face God and reflect on their way of life. This is an important time to realize the truth that “I was created and am loved by God. I am so important and nobody could take my place.”

Worship Service


We have a service to read the Bible, to sing hymns and to listen to a Bible lecture. On busy days, the time to reflect silently through the Bible is the best luxury. The treasure of words which accumulate in our minds becomes the foundation of courage to stand up again when we go out into the world and face challenges after we graduate from school.

Chapel & Assembly

Individual Grade Service/ School Assembly
Worship Service
Reading Chapel
Short Broadcast Chapel

Biblical Class


There is a biblical class once a week. Seventh graders learn an introduction to Christianity. From eighth grade to eleventh grade students learn the Bible concretely. In the second half of eleventh grade, we learn about war and peace, the problem of life, human rights and women’s way of life through Christian ethics. This time focuses on expanding knowledge with audio- visual aids, presentation in groups, and exchanging opinions.


Each grade goes on a retreat. It is three days and two nights . We leave our school, listen to lectures based on the Bible and hold discussions. It is the best chance to deepen the ties with classmates and support the sense of self-reliance. Ninth and tenth graders go out to an institution for disabled and elderly people. We learn the meaning of “live with your neighbor” through these experiences.

[Seventh Grade] YMCA - Tozanso ( three days and two nights)

Subject: How to make use of God's gifts in my new life.
Purpose: Know that all of us are so important that nobody could take anyone's place. Take the first step of annual events with friends.

[Eighth Grade] Amagi Mountain Cottage (three days and two nights)

Subject: To be a person of love
Purpose: Learn to love neighbors and think what we can do in relation with people.

[Ninth Grade] Society welfare Institution (one day)

Subject: To live together 1
Purpose: Through the activities at a welfare institution, we will learn the importance of meeting together like the Bible tells us.

[Tenth Grade] Society welfare Institution (one day)

Subject: To live together 2
Purpose: Take the opportunity to interact through contact and empathy with others.

[Eleventh Grade] Amagi Mountain Cottage ( three days and two nights)

Subject: To live abundantly
Purpose: Search for our way of life and potential through biblical passages and discussion.

[Twelfth Grade] Amagi Mountain Cottage (three days and two nights)

Subject: Our way of life
Purpose: Summarize our six years of school life and confirm our way of life with the foundation of our learning at our school.

Global Education

Our school has five sister schools in America, Australia, and South Korea. And we have a strong relationship with these schools. In tenth grade, every student visits the Fintona Girls School in Melbourne. Communication with foreign people is not only an opportunity to improve our language ability, but it also becomes an opportunity to think about Japanese culture.

Sister Schools

California Baptist University (California, America)


This is a university that has approximately 90 department subjects and 22 graduate school courses. We became sister schools with California Baptist University in 2013, and they occasionally send a student group to our school. Every year during spring vacation, our school visits CBU on a USA carrier tour for direct connection training.

Fintona Girls’ School (Melbourne, Australia)

FINTONA GIRLS’ SCHOOL(Melbourne, Australia)

This school is a traditional school which has more than one-hundred years of history. In 1996, for the one hundredth anniversary of Fintona school, a sister school agreement was made. Now, students are able to experience a cultural exchange through a short term study abroad program. Fintona has a Japan tour which includes a homestay program during the winter.

Fahan School (Tasmania, Australia)

FAHAN SCHOOL(Tasmania, Australia)

This school is surrounded by nature. In 1988, Fahan was introduced to our school as a domestic sister school with Fintona. We made a sister school agreement with Fahan too. Through a short term study abroad with our school and a Japan tour for Fahan students, we are building a strong relationship.

Bosung Girls’ High School (Seoul, Korea)

Bosung Girls’ High School (Seoul, Korea)

This is a traditional missionary school in Korea which stands in the canter of Seoul. Our schools began a sister school partnership in 2004 under the hope of developing friendly global relationships. The students from our school, who selected to go to Korea through the study abroad project from 2004 to 2010, have visited this school and stayed with local families.

Temporary Exchange Program Schools

Sacred Heart College (Wellington, New Zealand)

Sacred Heart College (Wellington, New Zealand)

This school is a traditional Catholic girl’s school and was established in 1912. It is located in the center of Wellington. This school aspires for each student to improve their academic skills and expand their potential. Our schools began to have a school partnership in 2016.

St. Bernard's College (Wellington, New Zealand)

Sacred Heart College (Wellington, New Zealand)

This school is a traditional Catholic boys school in beautiful New Zealand. They offer their students an education that prepares them for success in a challenging world. We have just partnered with this school. When we become a co-educational school in 2018, male students who choose this study abroad option will be able to go to this school and live with local families.

The University of British Columbia (Vancouver, BC Canada)

Bellevue University (Washington, America)